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Mission Statement: The mission of Holly Springs Junior High School is to gradually increase academic achievement by providing quality instruction for every student.

Vision: The vision of Holly Springs Junior High School is to become an "A" school through academic excellence.



During the 2020-2021 school year, registration for all students will be online. The online process can be completed from any location with internet connection. Please check with the school if you have not received verification of your registration being completed after three days. Support to help complete the online registration process will be offered at all school locations.

In order to access online registration please click one of the two links below:

Directions for Accessing Google Classroom for Virtual Learning

1.  Locate which group the student is in from the Hybrid Groups List.

2.  Click on "STAFF" to find the teacher's webpage.  On the teacher's webpage you should find the Google Classroom Code for the student's assigned group.

3.  Login in student's school email (  Username:  First Name Initial, Last Name Initial, Student Lunch Number   Password:  Day of Month Student is Born and Student Lunch Number.  It should look like  Password:  121234567

4.  Once logging into email, click on the nine dots beside the student's initials or symbols in the top right hand corner.

5.  Find Google Classroom.  Click on the plus symbol to add a class.

6.  Place the code from the teacher's webpage in the box.  YOU HAVE NOW JOINED THE CLASS!!!

7.  You will be able to join the virtual class through Google Classroom to watch your teacher make the class presentations.