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If you are in my class, welcome. if you are not... welcome?


Scheduling Section

Monday/Wednesdays (Hybrid days. Hybrid students are required to come to school while students who opt for virtual must log in at time provided below)

7:30- 9:14 -> Group 3

9:18- 11:02 -> Group 4

11:06- 1:24 (lunch from 11:30-12:00) -> Group 2

1:28-3:12 -> Group 1


Tuesdays (Virtual. All students need to log in and only students who need internet should report to school)

7:30-8:20 -> Group 2

8:24- 9:14 -> Group 1

9:18- 10:08 -> Group 4

10:12- 11:02 -> Group 3


Thursdays (if students need extended help, they will meet on Thursdays at the same time as Tuesdays. Not all students will be pulled for extended help, but all students will have independent work.)


7:30-8:20 -> Group 2

8:24- 9:14 -> Group 1

9:18- 10:08 -> Group 4

10:12- 11:02 -> Group 3


Fridays will vary depending on the assessment given:

Weekly Fridays- Students will meet at the same time as Tuesday and Thursday and take the assessment

Biweekly Fridays- Students will be provided a biweekly schedule they will need to follow at the begining of biweekly weeks

4 week/9 week assessment- Students will be provided prior to test week they will need to follow.


Video Player



Check Google Classroom

Check Schoology

Check iReady

Check Lexia

Finish your work





 For any virtual activity (meetings, small groups, or pull-outs) students will log into the virtual classroom at the times indicated in the scheduling section.

They will no longer need to sign into my "Support" class.


Class codes:

Group 1rwewnig

Group 2- 55kvlz7

Group 3-u32hotk

Group 4-f5hfmjn

So it goes...

         A collection of thousands of books in various electronic formats

        The hub we use where you can fnd classwork and assignments for your students

        Cloud storage, word processor, presentation tool, spreadsheet, etc.

        A great way to see how language is translated to computers

       A database of educational quizzes that can be played to review

      login page for iReady assignments

     login page for USATestprep

Parent Contact Form And Office Hours

Use the form below to request a parent confrence request form. My available tmes are:


Tuesdays/Thursdays: 12:30pm-3:00pm

Fridays: 2:00pm-3:15


If these times do not work for you, please call the school or provide a time that would be best to meet in the contact form below. In addition, please provide specific concerns you would like to discuss so I can have the appropriate materials ready.

Parent Contact Request

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