Welcome to Ms. Harris History Class where we will persevere and have a successful school year together. At this time we will have VIRTUAL CLASS ONLY. All students are expected to log into Google Classroom. If you have any questions please do contact me by email sharris@hssd.k12.ms.us or phone (662) 321-3868. 

Ms. Harris

Please note that we will NOT be having a HYBRID SCHEDULE AT THIS TIME. For the junior high students, our 7th graders will have virtual class on Mondays & Wednesdays ONLY. The students are divided into four groups and each will have their own Google Classroom Code.

GROUP 1 Class Code - g3kqpzq

Group 2 Class Code - 4l2zjzo

Group 3 Class Code - yuox3dn

Group 4 Class Code - uk4orix


Our 8th Graders will have their classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays ONLY. They are also divided into four groups with each having their own Google Classroom Code.

Group 1 Class Code - rpljpje

Group 2 Class Code - ybghtj2

Group 3 Class Code - mrm3zrh

Group 4 Class Code - xu2trsd


If you have any issues accessing these codes please contact me by email or phone.

Thank you, Ms. Harris

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