Ms. Ferrell's Classroom


Phone Number

Courses Taught: 

7th Grade- Science/Social Studies

Ms. Ferrell's Google Classrooms 

Group 1-

  • Google Classroom Code:  4w45jcs
  • Google Classroom Code: ybnrehv

Group 3-

  • Google Classroom Code: qze7zei

Group 4-

  • Google Classroom Code: whkmjc6

Group 4 (8th Grade Science)-

  • Google Classroom Code:  ybr3kvv


T'Airra Ferrell


1st Period- 7:30-8:20- Planning Period 

2nd Period- 8:24-9:14- History

3rd Period- 9:18-10:08- Science

4th Period- 10:12-11:02- Planning Period 

5th Period- 11:40-12:30- Science

6th Period- 12:34- 1:24- History

7th Period- 1:28- 2:18- Science

8th Period- 2:22-3:12- Science 


Tuesdays and Thursday

I pull out students due to their mastery from Mondays and Wednesdays.


I am available for conferences on Tuesdays and Thursday at 12:15 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.